Our Story

The Deer Cage was born in Bloomington, Indiana, in fact just half a mile from the aptly-named Deer Park.  Like many communities across North America, Bloomington has been struggling with the question of how to deal with the rapid expansion of the deer population in the last 10-20 years.  Beautiful, graceful, reminders of our connection to the wilderness, the deer can be devastating to our landscapes and ecosystems. 

Ramsay Harik, creator of the Deer Cage, has extensive experience in native landscaping and is a certified Master Gardener. He spent years trying to protect his plantings from the ever growing deer population. After trying nearly everything, including deer repelling scents, visual deterrents, noise deterrents, etc., one thing stood out. The only thing to ensure complete protection was a physical barrier. 

Running with this idea, many cage styles were tested  Throughout the testing period, two key ideas were prominent: Maintain optimal effectiveness while minimizing visual impact. 

Opening and closing the Deer Cage needed to be simple. Even simpler than a reusable cable tie. Thus, the invention of the Deer Clip. The Deer Clip is patented and designed specifically for use with the Deer Cage. It not only securely holds the cage together, but also makes opening the cage exceptionally simple. Once together, the Deer Cage is held in place by an invisible staking solution. 

Fast forward to today and the Deer Cage is being used in nearly all 50 states. We invite you to try out the Deer Cage. We are confident you will find it the most effective deer protection out there.