Proven Plant

Introducing The Deer Cage

The innovative and patented Deer Cage provides proven protection for your trees and shrubs. An effective, easy and elegant solution to prevent deer damage.

We at the Deer Cage know first-hand that sprays, granules, and other deterrents just don't cut it with today's deer population.  The only truly reliable protection is a physical barrier. But barriers come with their own problems, mainly aesthetics, trouble, and expense.

So, we fixed that. Introducing the Deer Cage, a cage perfect in its design dimensions, as inconspicuous as possible, and only takes 3 minutes to install.

How It Works

What separates the Deer Cage from other plant protection cages? Plenty.

Become a Deer Cage Dealer

We are always exploring the possiblity of adding quality dealers to help distribute the Deer Cage. If you are interested, please use the contact us form, or email us at for more information.