How It Works

At the Deer Cage, we know how frustrating it is to have your new plants, trees and shrubs demolished by unwanted critters! Our patented system was designed to help combat this exact problem. With its inconspicuous design, easy to use fasteners, and no show stakes, the Deer Cage is your all-in-one system to assist in keeping your plants out of reach from pesky deer.

If we don't yet have you convinced that the Deer Cage is right for you (and your plants), as an added bonus, it takes less than 3 minutes to install!

The Deer Clip

Our truly unique feature, the special custom-designed, patented, all-weather Deer Clip fasteners let you close and open the Deer Cage, literally in a snap.

Green Polymer Coating

Not only is the fencing made from galvanized steel, it has a green polymer coating makes the Deer Cage even more resistant to rust and increases the longevity of the cage. Additionally, the green coating helps it blend easily into your garden environment.

Optimal Sizing

Many cages on the market today are lacking in height or width. The Deer Cage solves both probelms.

4-Foot Height

This height minimizes grazing damage while allowing ease of use and application in a variety of other functions (tomato cage, compost bin, larger enclosure, etc.)

3-Foot Diameter

The Deer Cage comfortably encloses most vulnerable trees and shrubs, while standing securely without vertical stakes. NOTE: diameter can be easily reduced as needed!

The Finer Details

Wire Openings

Large enough to allow a hand for weeding, mulching, pruning, harvesting, etc., but small enough to keep out deer and anything larger than a fat chipmunk.

Calibrated Wire Gauge

Perfectly balances rigidity and flexibility to withstand physical pressure while allowing for ease of installation.

Extra Long Securing Stakes

Specifically designed stakes securely attach the Deer Cage to ground, invisibly preventing both horizontal and vertical displacement.