The Deer Cage was born in Bloomington, Indiana, in fact just half a mile from the aptly-named Deer Park.  Like many communities across North America, Bloomington has been struggling with the question of how to deal with the rapid expansion of the deer population in the last 10-20 years.  Beautiful, graceful, reminders of our connection to the wilderness, the deer are also devastating our landscapes and ecosystems. 

I'm Ramsay Harik, creator of the Deer Cage and owner of the company. As a Master Gardener and landscaper, I struggled for years to find a way to protect my trees and shrubs.  With the realization that only a physical barrier could ensure complete protection, I set out to design the best barrier I could, mindful of some of the less successful attempts that I had seen.

Many cages later, I hit upon two keys:  to maintain both optimal effectiveness and minimal visual impact, the perfect cage needed an invisible staking system.  Secondly, to create a secure, adjustable, easy attachment between the vertical edges, I would need to invent a special custom-built fastening clip.  With the help of my friend, local plastics engineer extraordinaire Kris Grube of Kestrel Design, I came up with the perfect snap-on, snap-off clip, which I cleverly named "the Deer Clip".

With these unique features in place, further experimentation led to a design ready to test in Bloomington's battlefield conditions.  So I installed Deer Cages in my own yard and the yards of some of Bloomington's premier gardeners.  The results were unanimously successful.

Confident that this was the solution homeowners and institutions had been waiting for, I created a company to make the Deer Cage available to all.  Inspired by the move toward socially responsible business models, I have built the following features into my company:

  • operations are conducted upon the highest ethical principles.

  • sourcing and manufacturing are as local as possible.  I am proud to have my Deer Cages manufactured by Bloomington-based Stone Belt Manufacturing, a non-profit that gives developmentally-disabled adults work, income, and support. 

  • 5% of pre-tax profits go to the Monroe County Animal Shelter, with the hope that increased funding will help them become a true no-kill shelter. 

  • we strive to minimize packing material and ship as efficiently as possible.

I invite you to try out the Deer Cage.  I think you'll find it the most effective deer protection out there.  If for any reason you're dissatisfied with the Deer Cage, you have my 100% money-back guarantee pledge

The Deer Cage Company, 1926 East Dexter, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401,