No tools, no loose parts. Just remove your new Deer Cage from the box, wrap it around your tree or shrub, fasten it with the three custom-designed plastic clips, insert the three 7" stakes into the ground, and relax.  Then, once your tree or shrub is mature enough to withstand the deer, simply remove the Deer Cage and install it elsewhere in your yard as needed. 

DETAILS, DETAILS. We at The Deer Cage Company know first-hand that sprays, granules, and other deterrents just don't cut it with today's savvy and voracious deer.  The only truly reliable protection is a physical barrier (Cornell study). But barriers come with their own problems, mainly aesthetics, trouble, and expense.

So we fixed that. Introducing the Deer Cage, a cage perfect in its design dimensions, as inconspicuous as possible, affordable, and only 3 minutes to install.

Here's how:

  • Our truly unique feature, the special custom-designed, patented, all-weather Deer Clip fasteners let you close and open the Deer Cage, literally in a snap.

  • green polymer coating makes the Deer Cage resistant to rust, and helps it blend easily into your garden environment.

  • 4-foot height minimizes grazing damage while allowing ease of use and application in a variety of other functions (tomato cage, compost bin, larger enclosure, etc.)

  • 3-foot diameter comfortably encloses most vulnerable trees and shrubs, while allowing Deer Cage to stand securely without vertical stakes.  NOTE:  diameter can be easily reduced as needed!

  • wire openings are large enough to allow insertion of hand for weeding, mulching, pruning, harvesting, etc., but small enough to keep out deer and anything larger than a fat chipmunk.

  • calibrated wire gauge perfectly balances rigidity and flexibility to withstand physical pressure. while allowing for ease of installation.

  • specially designed 7-inch extra-strong stakes securely attach Deer Cage to ground, invisibly preventing both horizontal and vertical displacement. 

OTHER USES.  What's more, the Deer Cage can be repurposed in a great variety of ways.  It serves very effectively as a compost bin, tomato cage, cucumber trellis, container garden protection, large enclosure for berry patches (two cages combined), and structural support for saplings.

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