The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage
The Deer Cage

The Deer Cage

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The innovative and patented Deer Cage provides proven protection for your trees and shrubs. An effective and easy solution to deer damage for homeowners, campuses, parks, nurseries, landscapers, facility managers and municipalities. 


  • Quick set up time - 3 minutes from unboxing to complete installation 
  • The Deer Clip - allowing for hassle free opening and closing of the enclosure
  • 4 feet tall by 3 feet diameter
  • No tools needed and no loose parts
  • Tidy, secure and effective
  • Lasts for years and easy to reuse
Style: DC1

All Deer Cages will be sold with the required pieces for assembly. The best part? They are all connected to the Cage, so there are no loose parts!

1 - Fence section

3 - Deer clips

3 - Attached, no-show stakes.

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Don't take our word for it!


Thanks to Ramsay's Deer Cages I now have glorious roses without having to dash out and spray as soon as it stops raining! The cages have "saved" azaleas, young evergreens, and a lovely serviceberry. And they are almost invisible, easy to install, and stand up to strong winds. It's great to be able to landscape with what I want instead of what the deer won't eat!

Nancy Hutchens

I placed a Deer Cage around a young tree this past fall. In the two previous years there was evidence of browsing on the lower limbs and some scraping of the trunk. This winter and early spring it has not been touched. The Deer Cage is lightweight and securely anchored with the attached stakes. Opening and closing the enclosure is quick and uncomplicated which facilitates access for weeding or mulching around the base. The height protects the lower limbs and the wide diameter allows for a good bit of spread. The dark green wire enclosure is sturdy but virtually disappears when viewed from a few feet away. I will certainly provide this protection for the next small tree that I plant in order to get it off to a good start.

Victoria Witte

Recently there were 10 deer in my yard and over the last decade hundreds of my precious plants have been totally destroyed by deer. I become so discouraged when I plant some new item and it is immediately destroyed by deer. I have tried many different approaches to avoiding the damage deer inflict on small trees and shrubs. I have found that the Deer Cage really works and it is aesthetically pleasing and not difficult to maneuver and install. It is such a relief to know it will protect new plantings and yet it is not harmful to the deer or other wildlife. I recommend it without reservation.

Moya Andrews

Los Angeles, CA


The Deer Cage is easy to use and really works. Several of our young fruit trees were munched the same evening we planted them, but the one that was lucky enough to get the Deer Cage is thriving and happy. In my opinion, it's worth the time and the money to protect your trees.

Amy Countryman

I installed one of these last fall and it's definitely doing a good job! Previously I used old tomato cages, but the deer would periodically get their heads stuck in them and ruin the cages. The Deer Cage is a great way to get young shrubs up and growing to the point where deer browsing can no longer cause significant damage.

Salem Willard